Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Consumer Data

The database contains over 37 million records with profiled information.  Again it is updated daily/weekly and contains over 300 different profiles.
  • Ages of Occupants
  • Family Make-Up
  • House Value & Condition
  • Years Resident
  • Has a Telephone
  • Sex of Occupants
  • Affluence Level: e.g. Rich/Average
  • Sub-Prime Characteristics: e.g. CCJ’s
  • Use of Credit Card, Loans, etc
  • Income Levels, Job Type

All Databases

All databases are run on a regular basis against the appropriate suppression files, e.g. National change of address, Mortality, Business Suppression File, Postcode Address File. Data is also screened against Preference files such as TPS, CTPS, MPS, and FPS. Ensuring that delivered data is mailable and/or callable depending upon requirements for usage.
The above lists are a sample of the most common attributes selected; there are many other selections that can be made to build the mailing list that you require.

Consumer Profiled Data

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