Monday, 17 May 2010

National Change of Address Service Update

You may have already heard the announcement by Royal Mail of changes to their National Change of Address (NCOA) and Universal Suppression Service (USS) services. The old services will be withdrawn and replaced by two new services, NCOA Suppress and NCOA Update, from 1st July 2010. Both of the new services use data obtained from Royal Mail's Redirection service whereby consumers who have moved have mail addressed to their old house forwarded automatically to their new address. The redirection service typically operates for a period of between one and twelve months.
The NCOA Suppress file replaces the old USS service and provides gone-away suppression or permanent flagging. Redirection data only appears on this file when the redirection has expired.
The NCOA Update service allows new addresses to replace the old address or to be added to your file. Redirections that are active and those that have lapsed will appear on this file although not all redirections will be present as customers may opt out when they complete Royal Mail's Redirection form.
Royal Mail require that all users of the new services sign an End User Licence (EUL) before they can use the service. Unfortunately, even if you have signed an EUL for the old service it will still be necessary to sign the new EUL.
The good news is that CNM is ready to implement the new services as soon as the new files are ready. If you are a regular user of NCOA from CNM then you will not notice the changeover apart from the signing the new EUL.
UPDATE: The new NCOA files will not be available from Royal Mail until 12 July. The old services will be in use until then.

CNM Development Team

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